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  • Ich liebe Weskers Sprüche,
    egal was er auch immer von
    sich gibt.
    Am besten gefallen mir die aus dem 5. Teil.
    Ab da wo Wesker Jill präsentiert
    " so slow to catch up "
    war ich hin und weg.

    Shit no matter what ever
    you think about me.

    I am only a human with lot of questions and answers.
    Sure, I am not perfect...

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  • (Chris RE 1) "No! Don't go!"

    "Jill! Run for that house!"

    (Chris RE 1 Remake) "Hey! Brad! Where the hell he's going?"

    "Make for that mansion!"

    "Wesker... you've become senile!"

    "Come on you test tube freak!"

    Chris RE 5) "What is it with this guy and cranks?"

    "They didn't move like any zombies I've ever seen."

    "Wesker, you ARE alive!"

    "And you're going to judge us? Do you get all your ideas from comic book villains?"

    (Chris RE 6) "I can't keep running away, I have to face the truth - accept responsibility. That's the only way I'll ever remember.

    The only way I'll get my life back."

    "In the BSAA, our job is to rid the world of Bioterrorism, and the only way we're gonna do that is by sticking together."

    "Each and every one of you may be ready to die for our cause, but It's my job to make sure we all get through this alive."

    "No one gets left behind, not on my watch."

    (Jill RE 1 Remake) "There are only three S.T.A.R.S. members left now. Captain Wesker, Barry, and myself. We don't know where Chris is."

    "Hey Wesker, where's Chris?"

    "But we've got to find-"

    "Shit! It's broken."

    "I found Kenneth... killed by this thing."

    "Let's report this to Wesker."

    "You viral cultured Freak!"

    (Jill RE 3) "It was Raccoon City's last chance and my last chance... My last escape."

    "You want STARS? I'll give you STARS!"

    (Barry RE 1) "That was too close! You were almost a Jill sandwich!"

    (Barry RE 1 Remake) "What is this place?"


    "Let's just hope it's not Chris's."

    "That was a close one. A second late, you would've fit nicely into a sandwich."

    (Barry RE Rev 2) "Two Weskers? You gotta be shittin' me."

    "Oh, come on."