Wesker´s Extra Report?

  • Hallo, is da hier der dubiose 3. Report von Wesker?
    Hab da leider keine Ahnung -.-
    Hoffe auf Antworten :-)

    Six Years
    It’s been over twenty years now since I began assisting in researching for the perfect bioweapon. I was naïve then and couldn’t truly understand what I was getting myself into. 1998 was a big year for the world, but not many were knowledgeable enough to realize it. Back then, before the summer of that year, a man approached me with an interesting proposal. There was another company out there like Umbrella, only hardly known, and they didn’t much appreciate the global pharmaceutical company. The man offered me a higher position in his organization than I could have ever achieved if I had stayed with Umbrella. At that time, I had been losing interest in my occupation and was surprised at this unexpected--seeming convenient—turn. My curiosity had been peaked and I agreed to an arranged meeting between the higher ups and myself. It turned out to be a very wise decision on my part. Come the 24th of July, I had planned my own death in order to keep Umbrella out of the loop. I injected myself with the virus Birkin gave me before leading the S.T.A.R.S. team into the Spencer mansion. I was only “dead” for a few minutes before the virus worked its magic and brought me back with the imbued powers.

    Immediately following that, everything changed, and I could feel the effects coursing through me. Less than three months later, Umbrella managed to screw up again, this time on a much larger scale. After they sent in troops to obtain the G-Virus, the entire town of Raccoon City became infected with the T-Virus. I sent in Ada Wong to collect a sample of the G-Virus, but I also went along and stuck to the shadows in case something went wrong. Evidently, Ada had a soft spot for rookie cops, and when the chance to get the sample from Leon Kennedy presented itself, she decided not to take it. Seconds later, she was shot, and luckily I was in the right place at the right time. I caught her as she was falling, and carried her to a nearby HCF facility, where there would be people to tend to her. I still had a bit of work to do. I went back to the underground lab in time to catch the final act. Claire Redfield defeated a new Tyrant type from Umbrella, and Leon Kennedy had the misfortune of ending Birkin’s mutant life.

    Afterward, I made my move and obtained a G-Virus sample from what was left of the abomination, and sped away as the facility began to explode. Immediately, my mind recollected that very few people could be infected with the virus—my best bet was Sherry Birkin--who, I discovered, had it in her blood already. I needed to take her, but it wasn’t the time; I had to wait a few days. Claire left the girl in the hands of Leon. Capturing her was a simple process. After Leon was approached by a government agent and accepted his offer, a select few of us made our move as Sherry was being transported to the airport in a car behind the one Leon was in. Evidently, they weren’t very efficient, as the others didn’t notice the second vehicle’s disappearance. By the time they did, we were a fair distance away that there was no way to track us down. Our goal had been accomplished, and Umbrella had made a mistake so severe that the government was forced to send a missile to destroy its own city.

    Three months later, another opportunity presented itself. It turned out that Claire had kept searching for her brother, Chris, and made a bold move to infiltrate Umbrella headquarters in Paris. Unfortunately for her, she was captured and sent to an island called Rockfort, which was run by the fanatic, eccentric Alfred Ashford. His grandfather was a co-founder of the pharmaceutical company. What we were focused on, was eliminating whoever worked on the island in an air strike, and costing Umbrella yet another facility. Then, it was my responsibility to go to Antarctica and obtain a T-Veronica Virus sample from the sleeping Alexia Ashford. Unsurprisingly, while I was making a sweep of the island, I ran in to Claire. But before I was able to dispose of her, I was interrupted by a message that Chris Redfield had been contacted by his sister. I wasn’t in time to meet him as he first arrived, but I did end up in a confrontation with him. It was cut short, however, when it came to my attention that Alexia was awake. I went there immediately, leaving Chris to choke for air. Since Claire was also in the Antarctic, I knew her dear brother would join us soon. Unfortunately, the encounter with Alexia didn’t turn out very well, and I had to backtrack without the sample. Luckily for me, after the self-destruct system had been activated, men from my company found and extracted the body of Steve Burnside, who had been infected with a modified version of the T-Veronica Virus. We deemed this “T-Alexia”.

    While they handled that, I went to take care of some unfinished business. As Chris battled the mutated Alexia, I got a hold of Claire. When he was finished, I had him follow me. Claire left, and Chris and I had it out, which allowed me to test my powers against a personal enemy. He fell easily. To my dismay, an explosion separated us, and the fight had to end. Chris ran off, and I escaped, along with my men, in a submarine.

    About a year ago, a man by the name of Jack Krauser came to me. He had faked his own death after deciding that being in the government didn’t suit his interests. He wanted more than he had; we had that characteristic in common. Apparently, Krauser had been friends with Leon, and had been told about me in an off-handed conversation. Leon’s mistake. Krauser managed to track me down, which showed excellent initiative. I knew that I could partially trust him because he craved something only I could give him: power. I took some of my blood and had my men create a modified virus; of course, it wouldn’t be as strong as the one coursing through my veins. One conflicting factor was that he and Ada didn’t get along, nor did they trust each other. Ultimately, that didn’t matter, because they both worked for me and only followed my orders.
    Ever since Umbrella’s downfall, we had kept surveillance in France and Spain, so that we might know if anyone was planning a return. A couple of months ago, however, something turned up that I hadn’t foreseen. After sending in some men to see what the situation was, I was informed that there appeared to be some type of religious cult living in a distant part of Spain. Instead of checking it out myself, I sent in both Ada and Krauser; they needed to learn to work together anyway. Ada managed to go unnoticed, but Krauser was found out. He made up a story about how he had sought the group in order to join them. He couldn’t be sure that they truly bought it, but the leader—Osmund Saddler—was willing to take a chance. This gave Krauser the opportunity to gain information about the cult. In the meantime, Ada was approached by a Spanish man named Luis Sera. He had been a researcher for Saddler and was able to tell Ada all that he knew about Los Illuminados and the parasites that Saddler was using to control the people around him—Las Plagas. I had been so focused on my own company, as well as any remnants of Umbrella, that the rise of a new player had been highly unexpected.

    Krauser contacted Ada about his situation, and she reported back to me. The issue of trust came up, and we had to devise a plan for Krauser to be accepted by Saddler. After spending a week there, he discovered that what the self-appointed “Lord” wanted was to take control of the United States via a mass infection. The new President had just been elected, and what better way to get to him—and the country—than by kidnapping his daughter? We found that she lived in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she went to college, and so we set out to capture her. It only took a day. She was headed to Washington D.C. because it was getting close to Christmas. It was the first with Graham as President, and the only gift he received was the news of his daughter being kidnapped. I’m sure he was bitter about that.

    Krauser took Ashley straight to Saddler, who was only too happy to go along with the plan. I don’t know the exact date, but she was infected with the parasite. I didn’t particularly understand Saddler’s motives. He wanted Ashley to infect the President, and yet he ordered his followers to keep her imprisoned. Either way, my interests changed when I learned that a government agent had been sent to find her. This isn’t what was unexpected. What was, however, was who was sent: Leon Kennedy. I never thought that he would be on my radar after Raccoon City. In a slight mood for entertainment—and necessity—I ordered Ada to go in and retrieve a sample of Las Plagas. I wanted to see how they would react in a déjà vu moment, and see if Ada made the wise choice this time. She did.

    With success comes sacrifice; Krauser was a casualty because of Leon, who ended up escaping with Ashley. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean much, since the former cop wasn’t part of the big picture, anyway. The ex-S.T.A.R.S. and Claire, however…their time will come. Saddler is dead, so that minor concern has faded. I now have in my possession the T, G, and T-Alexia viruses, along with the newly acquired parasite sample. Everything is finally falling into place.

    Sherry Birkin

    Sherry has proven to be unexpectedly invulnerable. Even though the G-Virus has receded, it’s still residing in her body, and is making it difficult to get any results from tests. However, I have faith that eventually, I’ll break her. When I’m ready to leave my current employers, I’ll be taking her with me. The opportunity to study her is too great to pass up. The situation with her reminds me of the unknown woman back at the Spencer mansion all those years ago. Who knows, maybe I’ll cause a repeat and discover something new inside of her, like Birkin did with the test subject. There’s definitely something that’s different about her, and I’m determined to find out what it is. It’s not that far-fetched to think it has something to do with her genes; after all, her father was a genius in his own right. At the moment, she’s eighteen, and being held in a containment area on the fifth floor of the building in which I spend most of my time. In approximately nineteen months, she’ll be twenty years old, which will signify that her whole teenage existence has been spent being imprisoned.
    The first test that had been done was simply to see if the virus was present in her system; it was, although it was also inactive, which suggested that after being infected, she’d been given an antidote. And as is obvious, once you are contaminated with a virus, it can never be fully cured. Good for us, bad for her. With this knowledge, it has also dawned on me that Jill Valentine must still have the T-Virus in her, as she was infected by the Nemesis six years ago. She could come in handy in the near future. At this point, there are no known antidotes for the viruses, and the machine that Leon used to uninfect Ashley was destroyed along with Saddler’s island. In the years I’ve spent with HCF, there has never been an accidental outbreak. The scientists, for the past few months, have been trying to think of a way to break through Sherry’s unintentional G-Virus barrier. All attempts thus far have failed. Maybe it’s useless and we’re simply prolonging the inevitable conclusion; that, despite our efforts, nothing will work. But honestly, I believe there’s a way, and I’m not the type of man to give up without the results I want. In the reality I live in, no feat is unreachable.

    Loose Ends

    Steve proved to be useless aside from gaining the T-Alexia Virus from his body, I never had any real intention of trying to bring him back; his existence wasn’t important enough. Jill’s comrade from Raccoon hasn’t shown up since then, leaving me to think he wasn’t cut out for the fight against Umbrella. As of now, Jill, Chris, Claire, Rebecca, and Barry aren’t even close to being a threat with the pharmaceutical company out of the picture. They’ve resumed normal lives. I wonder how they’ll react when “it” begins to happen.

    My biggest concern lies with Oswell Spencer. With the other two dead, he’s the only Umbrella founder left. I highly doubt that he’s no longer alive, and he can’t be up to anything good. If he makes his presence known, things could get interesting. But right now, I can’t let any of that worry me. I have too much to do. If he comes along, I’ll simply have to take care of him.


    The problem with the government is that they think they’re efficient when they’re not. Umbrella may be dead financially, but they still exist, and so do their facilities. If the US thinks that they’ve truly eliminated the company, they need some more intelligent leaders. To rid the world of something that big, you have to destroy every part of it. Fortunately for me, this means I won’t have to start from nothing; I already have a platform to stand on. The Umbrella headquarters have been abandoned, and what better place to begin the corporation’s resurrection? Of course, that will be just for the groundwork, and last temporarily. While the prospect of using Washington D.C.—for irony purposes—was tempting, I decided to go with the state instead. It’s a perfect location: near an ocean, mountains and trees, a connecting country, and it’s not dangerously in the middle of the US. I’m having a facility built in Grays Harbor, which is just off the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
    Once that’s finished, we’ll move all of the essential equipment there. Along with Ada, I’ve chosen several elite members of HCF to make the switch on to my private team. For a while, we’ll be having to lay low, and obviously can’t be known to the world as Umbrella. It’s very easy to hide when people don’t know your true intentions. I won’t make the same mistakes the first corporation did.

    If people think the world's unsafe now...wait until I'm ready for them.

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