Wer war Nemesis?

  • Keine Lust, alles in das Deutsche zu übersetzten :D

    English Translation

    The unknown character that stalks Jill, widely known as "Nemesis", is actually Umbrella's T-virus BOW test subject "Nemesis T-type". It means "Goddess of Vengeance", and it was nicknamed "Nemesis” by its research team, as they were going to make S.T.A.R.S. members pay for what they did to the Tyrant.

    Nemesis was a BOW developed by the European branch of researchers in Umbrella Headquarters, as a parasite that aimed to control any T-virus BOW. When the parasite is implanted into a BOW, it will control the body and also enhance its combat effectiveness.

    Although T-virus BOWs are being researched and developed by every research team in all Umbrella branches, all results produced were mostly failures, which ended up with low intelligence. In the military, besides combat, the intelligence to understand and follow orders is important too.

    The American branch research team under William Birkin, after countless attempts to control DNA, succeeded in making the Tyrant T-001. Shaped like a human and with the high combat effectiveness of the Tyrant, it gained a large reputation in Umbrella Headquarters. However, it lacked intelligence.

    On the other hand, the research team in the European branch, unlike Birkin's research team, focused on enhancing the BOW's intelligence. Countless theories and attempts were made. At first, they tried the operation method, that is, improving the level of intelligence by operating on the brain of the BOW. Now, they had advanced to the level of their research to the point of increasing the intelligence of the BOW by just inserting a parasite. The team imported a lot of BOWs from the American research team under Birkin, and made many experiments.

    As the American branch under Birkin successfully improved and created a better Tyrant, the "T-002 model", which can follow simple orders easily, the European research team had created a test product parasite, the "NE-Alpha".

    The "NE-Alpha" was tested on the BOW "Hunter", and again countless experiments were made. To better demonstrate the result, the European team imported many new Tyrants, the "T-103 model".

    At this time, the parasite had already gone through many modifications, and this was implanted into a Tyrant and was called the "Nemesis T".

    Ability of Nemesis

    The Nemesis parasite was implanted into the spine of the Tyrant. In this case, the parasite catalyses the T-virus cells in the body and the result is an invasion of the brain by the new bunch of cells, gaining the control of its cerebrum.

    Nemesis will form a second "brain" behind the original one, taking over the jobs of the former brain. The organs will be under the control of the "Nemesis". Its healing ability and speed will be greatly enhanced by the Nemesis, but the most significant improvements will be from the results of the improved intelligence of the Nemesis. As time passes, the Nemesis will take over control of the main and former brain too.

    The Europe branch research team developed 4 Nemesis T models. One of the Nemeses maintained the capability of independent thought during a stage of development, and attempted to break free. Although the Nemesis was based on the
    Tyrant-T103, the great results of the parasite shocked the developers themselves.

    The Nemesis was destroyed, and the rest of the Nemeses got their intelligence "restricted".

    In the Raccoon City incident, the Tyrant sent into action was the second model of the Nemesis, the "Nemesis-T02", which have undergoes the longest period of training.

    The Nemesis T-02 is very smart. Smarter than the Tyrant that Umbrella had been using. The Rocket Launcher that Nemesis uses in this game is designed specifically for Nemesis, and is too heavy for a human to carry, let alone operate it.

    Records have shown that Nemesis has many more weapons up its sleeves, such as the COMBAT KNIFE, 65' HANDGUN, ASSAULT RIFLE and even a GRENADE LAUNCHER.

    Although the black armour of Nemesis is slightly bullet proof, under heavy fire, Nemesis will still sustain damage. Then it will turn to "cautious" mode. There is no significant change in the appearance, but the defence system will cause it to use part of its tentacles as a weapon now. In normal mode, the tentacles were only used to inject the NE-T virus into its victim. Now, the tentacles contain a liquid compound, which affects the nervous system of the victim, restricting the victim’s movement.

    After sustaining heavy damage, Nemesis will produce a type of secretion that speeds up the reaction of its cells. The result is the recovery of wounds, but it severely affects the normal recovery system when it is in normal mode. As the speed of the cell reactions becomes faster, the appearance of Nemesis will begin to transform, bringing it more further than a human face. Under this condition, Nemesis will slightly enlarge a little, and the tentacles now loosen up, flowing more freely than usual. This will mean a greater tendency to infect a human and is therefore much more dangerous.

    Unlike Tyrant, Nemesis will not go berserk under a mutation.

    After Nemesis had gone through much more damage, some of the functions of Nemesis were disabled. This in turn spikes a mutation. Nemesis will lose its head when it undergoes this final weird mutation, and this time, even Nemesis will not be able to withstand the mutation and will go out of control.

    Nemesis will start devouring all sorts of living creatures it comes across in order to obtain the nutrients needed to grow bigger.
    The tentacles will wrap and tangle around its self to form the limbs that replace the hands and legs, which had gone amiss during the mutation.

    The fast chemical reaction inside the internal body of the Nemesis will start to create a conflict between the T-virus cell and the Nemesis cell. The confliction of the 2 virus cells will cause a chain reaction in which they will swell together as a result, bursting out of the body of the Nemesis like a bubble, and spat out as a highly acidic compound of the T-virus and the Nemesis-T virus!

    Despite the mutation, Nemesis will never forget its mission... to wipe out the STARS.

    - From GAMEPLAYERS MAGAZINE, Biohazard 3: Last Escape Complete
    Domination Official Guidebook, translated by Xfactor(Pg 19-21)

    The Reason To Send In Nemesis

    The reason to send Nemesis into Raccoon City was to eliminate the surviving S.T.A.R.S member(s).

    The Umbrella HQ decided to send the Umbrella Special Forces Unit (USFU) into Raccoon City to assassinate William Birkin. They planned to kill him and steal his G-virus before he betrayed Umbrella by joining its rival company(ies).

    But, Umbrella knows that should the S.T.A.R.S. members know their plan, it will be difficult for Umbrella to carry it out. Since the mansion incident, S.T.A.R.S members had discovered the true face of Umbrella. There are reports that the surviving S.T.A.R.S members are planning to make an attack on Umbrella. Although the reports are still uncertain and there have been no obvious signs of action from the STARS survivors, Umbrella is still very wary of them.

    If William Birkin has the S.T.A.R.S members on his side, he might expose Umbrella's illegal activities. Should that be the case, Umbrella will have to go against the U.S itself. Even though the U.S. government is one of the secret customers of the B.O.Ws themselves, they will have no choice but to face the Umbrella Corporation from the pressure of the public when Umbrella gets exposed. If things got worse for Umbrella, they might even find themselves going against the rest of the world as well, which of course, will be something too much for Umbrella to handle.

    Sensing this danger, the higher ups of the Umbrella Corporation decided to send in the Nemesis-T type. Although the Nemesis Tyrant is an expensive B.O.W product (budget), because S.T.A.R.S had even defeated the Tyrant T-002 before during the mansion incident it would be wise of them to send in a better tyrant this time instead, thus the Nemesis.

    Other than that, Umbrella has sent 6 Tyrants to Raccoon City as well. They were supposed to be in the mid-air of Raccoon City for emergency, ready to be sent into the R.P.D at anytime if the Umbrella Special Forces Unit failed in their mission. But on September 29, all Tyrants were sent into action.

    From GAMEPLAYERS MAGAZINE, Biohazard 3: Last Escape Complete
    Domination Official Guidebook, translated by Xfactor ( page 128 )

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  • Der Grobinhalt von T´s Post:

    Die Grundlage des Nemesis ist ein Standardtyrant.
    Diesem wird operativ der mit dem Codenamen "Nemesis" versehene Parasit in das Rückgrat eingepflanzt. Von dort übernimmt der Parasit die Kontrolle über das Stammhirn des Tyrant.

    Das Ganze hat folgenden Nutzen:
    Während verschiedener Tests wurde den Umbrellawissenschaftlern klar, dass der normale Tyrant zwar gigantische Kräfte besitzt, aber durch die Auswirkungen des T-Virus auf sein Gehirn nur über eine geringe Intelligenz verfügt.
    Er ist schlicht eine Kamikazewaffe, da er nicht dazu fähig ist, auf dem Schlachtfeld zwischen Freund und Feind zu unterscheiden oder Befehle zu befolgen.
    Er greift an, was sich bewegt.
    Das ist zwar nützlich, wenn man ihn beispielsweise im feindlichen Feldlager per Fallschirm absetzt, aber sobald die eigenen Soldaten in seine Nähe kommen, tötet er auch sie.
    Damit ist es auch unmöglich, einen normalen Tyrant zum Beispiel mit einer Armee aus Huntern zu umgeben und diese Truppe gegen den Feind zu entsenden, da der Tyrant auch die Hunter angreifen und töten würde.

    Der im Umbrellalabor in Paris entwickelte Parasit verfügt im Gegensatz zum Tyrant aber über genug Intelligenz, um Befehle zu befolgen, einfache Aufgaben zu erfüllen und zwischen Freund und Feind zu unterscheiden.

    Man verbindet also einen Tyrant und einen Parasiten operativ und erhält so eine Kreatur, die nicht nur unglaublich stark sondern auch noch leidlich intelligent ist.

    Der Parasit, dem man Befehle einprogrammieren kann, funktioniert also wie ein Ersatzgehirn. Er steuert den Tyrant um seine Aufgabe zu erfüllen.

    Da der Parasit auf dem G-Virus beruht, kommt der positive Nebeneffekt hinzu, dass der Wirt (Tyrant) im Falle schwerster Verletzungen durch vom Parasiten ausgelöste Mutation (Wachsen von Tentakeln) vor der Zerstörung bewahrt wird.

    Zu der Sache, warum es nur so wenige Tyranten und Nemesis gibt:
    Die Grundlage für einen Tyrant ist ein Mensch, der mit dem T-Virus infiziert wird.
    Über 99% aller Menschen werden bei der Infektion jedoch nur zu Zombies.
    Nur eine Handvoll (in den USA wohl nur ca. 10 Menschen) haben das Potential, ein Tyrant zu werden. Daher muss Umbrella auf der ganzen Welt nach geeigneten Kandidaten mit der passenden Genstruktur suchen.
    Darum wurde bisher auch nur der eine Nemesis von Raccon City erschaffen. Er hatte seine Mission nicht vollständig erfüllt und sich letztendlich als unterlegen erwiesen. Umbrella wird sich also überlegt haben, ob sie nocheinmal die Verschwendung eines kostbaren Tyranten riskieren.

    "Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." - H.L. Mencken

  • hah.... cool, sowas änliches habe ich auch gelsen.... aber in dem anderen bericht hieß es es gäbe nur 2 nemesistypen, die die forscher schützen sollten. Aber einer von denen ist dann irgendwie durchgedreht.

    ich würd zu gerne wissen wo ich das nochmal gelesen habe.....

    im Wesker Report stands nicht drin soweit ich weiß

  • Zitat

    Original von Genesis
    Da der Parasit auf dem G-Virus beruht, kommt der positive Nebeneffekt hinzu, dass der Wirt (Tyrant) im Falle schwerster Verletzungen durch vom Parasiten ausgelöste Mutation (Wachsen von Tentakeln) vor der Zerstörung bewahrt wird.

    Ich zitiere aus Weskers Report 2 was zu dieser Textpassage nicht passt.

    Ergo: Nemesis in Lisa eingepflanzt -> G-Virus entstanden.

  • Wir wollten gerne wissen wer Nemesis ist, und Lisa ist aber nicht Nemesis.
    Nemesis ist ein Parasit der einem Menschen eingepflanzt oder gespritzt wurde.
    Durch die einpflanzung des Nemesis Parasiten gelang es Dr. Birkin und Dr. Wesker den G-Virus zu entwickeln und dank der sehr ausdauernden Lisa *fg*

    Ich denke selber auch das der Nemesis einfach nur ein normaler Mensch war.

  • Laut dem Buch The Umbrella Chronicles ist Lisa Trevor nach getötet worden, weil sie ausgedient hatte. Ich sitz in der Arbeit und hab des Buch grad net zur Hand aber ich poste es dann einfach hier noch dazu.
    Lisa kanns also niemals gewesen sein.