Resident Evil Revelations - erste Eindrücke

  • Seit gestern läuft in Japan das Nintendo World 2011 Nintendo 3DS-Event, die Revelations Präsentation folgt zwar erst heute Nacht (hoffentlich gibt's 'nen neuen Trailer), allerdings ist das Spiel schon seit gestern auf der Messe spielbar. Auf englischen Seiten gibt's schon die ersten Previews und die hören sich wirklich sehr vielversprechend an. Hier mal die Vorschau von [url][/url]. Es soll wieder ein richtiges Horror-Spiel werden und auch der 3D-Effekt (scheint sich wohl nicht bei jedem Spiel zu lohnen) wird gelobt. [quote]If you want proof of 3DS's technical prowess, just have a look at Resident Evil Revelations. This is one gorgeous game. It's definitely a step above all the other playable 3DS games at Nintendo World. Referred to as "Resident Evil Revelations Pilot Version," the Nintendo World build put players in control of Jill Valentine on a ghost ship somewhere in the Mediterranean (as indicated by some text that floats just slightly in front of screen -- this is probably an effect we'll be seeing frequently on the 3DS). I'm not sure if there was a goal for the demo, so in my two play sessions, I lead Jill through the ship until I died in the exact same spot both times. All the action is displayed on the top screen -- a good thing, since Jill's tight body wouldn't be in 3D otherwise. The bottom screen shows the controls. There's also a virtual pad on the bottom screen which you can slide your finger over to move the camera around (although I couldn't make the camera show a front view of Jill). Controls will for the most part be recognizable to Resident Evil fans. You move Jill with the analogue pad, hold B to run, ready your weapon with R and press Y to fire. When you hold R down, you switch into targeting mode, which is shown from the right shoulder perspective of Jill. You can aim freely with the analogue pad before firing. Capcom previously mentioned something about being able to move while shooting. This is done with the L trigger. L makes your character move in a strafing fashion, and it works regardless of whether you're equipping your gun or not. If your gun is equipped, you'll be able to continue firing as you move. On the downside, you lose the ability to aim your gunfire. I tried my best, but I couldn't get the camera into this exact position. My first zombie encounter occurred in a bathroom (I'm referring to the creatures as zombies, but they're actually something else). A zombie suddenly broke out of one of the stalls and slowly came at me. With my added mobility, I was able to back away while firing, but I backed right into a wall, so the zombie still manage to get a brief taste of Jill's neck before I offed it. My second (and last) zombie encounter was a bit more involved. As I advanced through the ship, I started hearing grunts, as if someone was in trouble. I approached a glassed room and could see that a zombie was holding a person up by the neck -- the person making the grunts. I got closer and the zombie tossed the person at the window, spraying blood all over the glass. When I found my way into the room, two zombies were feeding on the person they'd just killed. Once they took notice of me, I had to face off against both simultaneously, something that proved too much for me in both of my play sessions. If you've been playing Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 4, the sparse zombie count may seem a bit alarming. This is actually how the RE games were before. Rather than running around and shooting things, the games were about slowly inching your way through corridors, unsure of what will pop out next. The Revelations demo has a similar deliberate slow pace. The Revelations producers recently said something about wanting to put the "horror" back in the game's genre, and they seem to have done just that with Revelations. In addition to the zombie popping out of the stall, there were other surprises involving rats and some sort of flying creatures. With the atmospheric background audio, which slowly grows more intense as you advance through the stage, Revelations does seem to have the potential for some frights. Revelations looks remarkably polished for an early 3DS game. The crisp and detailed visuals that do the MT Framework name proud are displayed nicely in 3D. Jill has a very solid presence thanks to the depth of view. The 3D is also easy on the eye. Some of the games at Nintendo World made we want to turn off the 3D effect, but with Revelations I look forward to playing the whole game in 3D. There's no telling when we'll get to actually play a final version of Revelations, as the game was recently listed in Famitsu as just 20% complete. The Nintendo World demo indicates that the final product, whenever it does arrive, will be worthy of the franchise's name. [/quote] -edit- IGN hat jetzt auch ihr Preview online gestellt, scheinen von der Demo ebenfalls begeistert zu sein: [url][/url].
  • Das Spiel sieht wirklich grafisch verdammt gut aus. Zudem vermittelt die Demo auch endlich wieder mal ein Horror-Gefühl. Der 3DS scheint technisch enorm was unter dem Hut zu haben. Ich bin mittlerweile wirklich am überlegen, mir dann irgendwann mal einen zu kaufen.
  • sieht toll auß auch wenn ich nicht verstehe wiso es neue gegner typen gibt und den sone komischen würmer aus dem mund kommen (soll doch vor resi 5 spielen oder? dan müste man ja in resi 5 rein theoretisch solceh dinger auch antreffen) ich hoffe capcom hat mit dem game nicht wieder son knebel vertrag mit nintendo wie damals bei den remakes und capcom entscheidet sich nach kurzer zeit nen port für ps3/xbox zu machen (peace walker war ja auch erst nur psp und nu kommts für ps3 :-D) denn ich werde mir nur wegen dem einen spiel sicher kein son scheiß gameboy (ja so nante man das ding früher) kaufen
  • Wann genau kommt es denn raus? Die Grafik finde ich gut. Hoffentlich ist das bei der Storyline genauso. Hat Jill schon wieder eine neue Syncronsprecherin bekommen? Langsam nervt das. Abwarten und Tee trinken! :denken3: :) Was man bis jetzt sah fand ich gut.....