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    Hallo habe das spiel heute bekommen und gespielt das mit leon und clair habe ich fast fertig nur mit A und S rang und das mit Leon und Krauser spielte ich noch nicht aber wo ist jetzt das 3 hin. Ich brauche hilfe. Danke jetzt schon für hilfe. MFG resi-freak EDIT : Meine aus CV dieses ingame
    Ja kann man immer bei Ashley. En kollege von mir hat mal versucht was mit ashles zu machen also zu moden und auf einmal war der Rock weg Topic Ada in dem Pinken Bikini kenne ich habe ich. Besser ist der mod wo sie die eine seite auf hat also man sieht die brüste und ja der Mod ist auf jeden fall besser als der Bikini
    Entschuldigung wenn es denn thread schon gibt. Habe heute gegoogelt und das gefunden . Resident Evil 6 idea. Thursday, May 28, 2009, 08:57 PM [Resident Evil] Sorry if the grammar sucks, I will try to finish this up later and just incase you are wondering this came from this topic... Claire has been searching for Sherry and Steve with the help of Chris and Leon. During one of Chris's missions he finds out that Steve has taken over Wesker's Legacy and is trying to take over the world with a more advanced version of the Uroboros Virus. The GPC and U.S. government are sending in all of its best people to stop him. Claire is shocked that Steve would follow Wesker's footsteps and goes along in the mission. Chris only lets her go because she maybe able to reason with Steve and having a gut feeling that something bigger is going on, he will need all the help he can get. Chris and Leon's group attack the facility and battle new B.O.W.s that have been based around the G-Virus and T-Veronica. Everyone has come prepared and take down the enemies with easy. Later on Claire finds Sherry in one of the labs in a cryogenic capsule, Claire hugs Sherry and the whole "Oh I am so glad to see you" scene happens and Sherry goes along with you but she is still acting like she did in RE2. Leon thinks it is because she might of been in the capsule for all this time. Claire confronts Steve with Leon and Sherry (this would happen some where before the halfway point of the game). Claire ask why he is doing this but Steve just smiles with his red eyes and starts walking towards them. Leon points his gun and him, Claire tells Sherry to hide, turns and pulls her gun out at aims it at Steve still telling him to stop. Steve stops, Leon and Claire lower their guns and Sherry taps Claire on the shoulder. Claire turns around and Sherry grabs her throat with one hand and lefts her up in the air and starts choking her. Leon turns around to help Claire but Steve stops Leon, disarms hims and puts into a headlock. Sherry throws Claire across the room and Sherry reveals that she is the one that has taken over Weskers Legacy and Steve has been under her control. Chris and Leon's team break threw the door, storm in with heavy weapons pointing right at Steve and Sherry. After a suspenseful pause they lower their weapons and Chris is pushed threw the crowd and onto the floor next to Claire, beaten up with cuts and a couple of bullet holes. Chris tells Claire that it was a set up, the BSAA and the people with Leon were infected with a new type of Plagas and their never was a new version of the Uroboros virus. Sherry laughs "Uroboros was a complete failure but with T-Veronica (Sherry points at Steve) and the G-Virus (she points at herself) I have made a virus that goes beyond the powers of Uroboros...[Insert name for the new virus here]!!! Claire asks her why she is doing this. Sherry tells her that Wesker opened her eyes by teaching her his ways, Sherry starts walking towards Claire "and since you two saved my life long ago I will give you the first look at my new virus" and she holds down Claire and pulls out a syringe and holds it right in front of her face, Leon struggles to break free. Sherry notices this and laughs "But since you two abandoned me also, I will not give you this new power" and injects Chris with the new virus. Chris then starts to transform into a mutant. Sherry makes her way towards the door and stops, she turns around and looks at Claire and Leon "If it wasnt for you two I wouldnt of met Wesker so I will make this fight fair, 3 vs 1 *HA HA HA*" and walks out of the room with the people infected people with the new version of the Plagas. Steve goes back to his former self and lets go of Leon and they go help Claire. They manage to kill Mutated Chris but Steve is badly hurt and the "Boo Hoo dont die Steve" and "It wasnt your fault" scene start. Leon and Claire leave the room but they used up most of their ammo so they only have their pistols and knives left. They rest and talk about what they are going to do next and what is going on. In the middle of their conversation they hear a *RAWR* from Mutant Chris and start running. Quelle: [URL][/URL]